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Clackline-York Return April 23

WATCAC members Hab, Trevor, Adriana, Janelle and Beau with friends AJ, John and Forest took the opportunity to get out of the city on Saturday the 23rd of April. Driving out to Clackline, the intrepid bunch had a leisurely ride to York stopping there for a coffee and a snack – in John’s case a pie and sauce – before saddling up for the return.

While they were taking their ease in York, the wind freshened and swung to the south, so the trip back to Clackline was more of a challenge, but everyone made it back in good spirits. Janelle and Beau’s spirits were further raised by lunch and beer at the Parkerville Tavern.

Photos compliments of Janelle who snapped some of these from the saddle. How is that for bike skills?