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Tandem Talk May 2011

Kep Track Ride

On the 15th of May, member Beau Tang on his mountain bike played guide dog to his good friend and vision-impaired cyclist Leon who was riding a borrowed mountain bike. The Kep track is part of a network of bike trails following the old railway lines that run through the hills east of Perth. After a slow first few kilometres while Leon gained some confidence, the boys completed a 55km out and back ride from Mundaring with Beau riding in front and calling out the trail conditions and Leon using his limited vision to keep station. The only incidents of note being several skidding halts where the track crossed roads caused by excessive speed as Leon’s confidence grew.

Cyclo Sportif Garden Island

The 15th of May was a big day for vision-imaired cyclists as three WATCAC tandems rode the Cyclo Sportif at Garden Island. On a perfect course for tandems, Jennifer and Dee rode the 32km event while Hab and Adriana, and Margaret and Paul rode the 64km event. At the presentations after the event lunch, Adriana won the “le revolver” prize for “feats of strength, daring and chivalry” after being nominated by Hab for her expert drafting (behind Hab) for the whole event. The winner’s jersey looks great! Oh and by the way, 999 other bikes participated too.

Recreation Rides

The 22nd of May was a big one as 4 single bikes and 5 tandems enjoyed a cruise by the river to Matilda Bay for a coffee. During the next ride on the 12th of June, the conversation turned to flat tyres leading Jennifer and Dee to anger the Gods with their “never had a flat” talk. Pop, hiss, guess who got a puncture? The next Recreation ride will be on the 10th of July from Bayswater to South Perth, contact Adriana for more details.

Rottnest Reminder

Remember to keep the 19th and 20th of November free for Rotto!

More Tandem Talk

If you’ve got a tandem or vision-impaired cycling story to tell, tell it to Beau at beau.tang@gmail.com and he might put in into Tandem Talk!

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