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Thankyou from the Bike To Broome Team

Earlier in the year, WATCAC was approached by a group of people wishing to borrow some of our tandems for a ride to Broome to publicise their opposition to the proposed Gas Hub at James Price Point north of the town.

Crazy? Maybe, but they did it! Here is a copy of the thankyou note from Paul Theseira who was one of the riders. The note contains a link to some very schmick videos of the ride that they produced and have posted on youtube.

Hi Hab.

Now that we’re back home safe and sound, I thought I’d drop you an email to tell you how much fun we had doing this ride to Broome and how grateful we are for helping us complete the ride.

As you may have heard from James, we had one puncture, replace one tyre on the road, replaces a spoke, and replaced the saddle that was giving some of us numbness down there. But these were such minor things.

We achieved our goal of covering 2,400km and getting to Broome in the planned 5 days. We raised quite a bit of awareness on TV, radio, and various newspapers. And arriving in Broome to the cheers of supporters was very sweet.

We’re so chuffed at this that we’re talking about riding from Perth to Canberra, and making Bike To Broome an annual event!

The bikes are at Bikeforce Midland getting a much needed service, etc. I’ll let you know when we can return them to you.

I also wanted to tell you how much we have all come to love tandems – this is after so much initial doubt by a number of our riding team. We’re all converted now. I think many of us would love to be involved with WATCAC events.

Anyhow, we have produced a number of videos on YouTube that you might like to view (www.youtube.com/biketobroome) and will have another short film done for the Shinzu Matsuri festival that starts in a few days in Broome.

I’ll be in touch next week to return the bikes.

On behalf of the mad Bike To Broome team, thank you again.



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