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Riding a Tandem

Many people think that it must be difficult to ride a tandem, but with a little practice and expert advice anyone can safely ride front or back seat.

A tandem is different, but not that different. With two riders on board, they are balanced and behave like a single bike. The crucial thing is to communicate constantly until the two riders form an understanding.

“Leon and I talk about life, sport and everything while we ride. We’re so used to each other we seldom talk about the actual ride – we can feel what the other is doing through the bike.” – Beau Tang

Over the years, we’ve conducted many tandem cycling clinics to introduce sighted and vision-impaired cyclists to tandems. The clinics are supervised by our expert coaches with assistance from our enthusiastic volunteers.

Our introductory clinics are conducted on a safe cycling track well away from traffic. In addition to learning to ride a tandem, sighted riders ride with closed eyes to gain an insight into what it is like to ride without vision.

Here are a selection of photos from some of them.