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Tandem Talk October 2011

Dwellingup 100 Mountain Bike Event
Member Beau Tang participated in the very challenging Dwellingup 100 mountain bike event in September.
The course is a killer with tough climbs and long sections of technical single track. A relative newcomer to mountain biking, Beau crashed at least 12 times, but managed to finish tired and sore in 6 hours and 50 minutes.

Round the Bay in a day
Members Hab Collier and Adriana Lepore, participated in the Round The Bay in Melbourne on Sunday 16 October 2011. It was a 6am (3am Perth time) start at Alexander Gardens. Thousands of cyclists took off for the challenging 210 kilometer ride round the Bay in Melbourne. The first 100 kilometers of the ride took us over the Westgate bridge and on to the Freeway to Geelong then down to Queenscliff, the downside was, we encountered rain and very strong headwinds just to make it exciting and test us. On arriving in Geelong Hab and I were a little tired and the thought that we had another 140 kilometers to go didn’t help. we boarded the Ferry for a rest as we crossed the Bay then it was back on the bike for the last 100 kilometer journey to reach the end of our ride. At least we managed to get a tail wind for part of this leg but we did have to climb over quite a few hills, in particular, Mt Martha, she was a beauty. Not sure how we actually managed to keep pedalling, the last 17 kilometers never seemed to end. Then from the silence came a familiar voice telling me we had 1 kilometer to go, by this stage delirium had set in and according to Hab, I asked him six times “how far to the end”. It was challenging to say the least but we did meet and get to ride with quite a few really nice people.

Cape to Cape Mountain Bike Event
Member Beau Tang and long time WATCAC supporter Janelle Graham participated in the 4 day Cape to Cape Mountain Bike race from Cape Leeuwin to Cape Naturalist. The tough course covered 210km of fire roads, farm tracks, single track, bitumen and beaches. It was a fantastic event and both Beau and Janelle had a great time with Janelle coming third in the Female Masters category. Well done Janelle! Whilst the technical and sand sections of the course would not suit a mountain bike tandem, the gravel roads and fire trails would certainly be worth a try.

Ocean Ride for MS
Members Trevor Maslen, Greg Madsen, Jennifer Musgrave and Deanne Ferris participated in the Ocean Ride for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) from South Fremantle to Hillarys (55kms) on Sunday 23 October. It was better organised and a lot safer this year. Weather was fine with a slight tail wind until the last 7 kms where the ride change direction into a headwind.

Recreation Rides
There was no Recreation Ride in October and the September rides were cancelled, re scheduled and cancelled again, due to inclement weather.

The next Recreation Ride is expected to be on Sunday 6 November and will be from Guildford train Station to Whiteman Park commencing at 9am. Adriana will notify all members shortly.

Club Rides
Due to unavailability of some riders and inclement weather, there have not been any Club rides for some months. However, with better weather just around the corner we are hoping to get back into the swing of things, shortly.

Committee met on 24 October. Items of particular of interest to members:
Due to some misunderstanding about dates for Rottnest, this event is not now likely to occur until the new year. A proposal to possibly apply for a grant for the purchase of two mountain bike tandems was discussed

Our AGM and Christmas wind-up will probably take place on Sunday 11 December, information will follow shortly.

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