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Tandem Talk September 2014

Recent WATCAC Rides
Cue the sound of a cold, whistling wind blowing tumbleweed down a deserted street.

The Rec Rides of May, June, July and August were cancelled due to bad weather, illness and bad timing. Finally a group of six riders headed out in the September sunshine to ride from Bull Creek train station along the Rossmoyne foreshore to Kent Street Weir and back. The first, beautiful spring weekend had enticed every man and his dog (specifically about 30 Great Danes) out for the day. The coffee queue was long but worth the wait and it provided a sneaky rest for legs that hadn’t pedalled for some time.

The Club Rides have fared better, with two rides a month, alternating from Guildford and Vic Park with five to thirteen riders on each ride. Did you know that 5 out of 6 club riders prefer banana bread for post ride carb-loading?

There are only three more Rec Rides left for 2014, including the Christmas/AGM ride. Hope to see you out there.

Other Rides

WATCAC jerseys in Corfu
WATCAC jerseys in Corfu

Some of our members have been ranging far and wide in search of better cycling weather and a change of scenery. Forrest followed the Giro D’Italia on the road and on the TV of some Italian taverns. Paul and Jo cycled through parts of Germany and Jennifer and David took a barge and bike tour from Venice through northern Italy.

Haylee, Hab and Adriana tackle the Lancelin Hell of The North where apparently it feels like you are going uphill even on the flats.
Haylee, Hab and Adriana tackle the Lancelin Hell of The North where apparently it feels like you are going uphill even on the flats.
WATCAC has also been represented in several BWA Cyclo Sportif events including the one in York and the Lancelin Hell of The North ride. Well done to Hab, Adriana, Haylee, Paul, Paul, Margaret and Jo (and anyone else who I have missed). Hab, Haylee and Paul are in training for the Around the Bay in a Day ride in Melbourne.

The Ocean Ride for MS, from Fremantle to Hillarys is on again on Sunday 19th September. WATCAC has a team of two riders signed up at the moment. Contact jennifer@winthropdc.com if you want to join.

Trailer Tales
Mike Davies of Ken Peachy Caravan Repairs has done an excellent job of repainting, de-rusting and waterproofing our trailer and we are now mobile again. As part of the process WATCAC applied for a grant from Belmont Rotary Club and we were invited to present at one of their meetings. Trevor, Greg (with guide-dog Nicholas) and Jennifer attended the meeting. Greg gave a great run-down on what we do but Nicholas stole everyone’s attention.

The trailer can be admired at any of our Rec Rides.

AGM – Committee Positions Open
WATCAC doesn’t run without a dedicated group of volunteers, some of whom have given many years of service and a due a break. If you are able to give a few hours a month to help co-ordinate rides and keep the wheels turning please consider nominating for a committee position. Any of the current (and past) committee members would be happy to talk to you about what’s involved.

Running Late?
As a courtesy to other riders, who all have full weekends and may need to be back home by midday to feed the hamsters and bottle their home brew, please arrive to rides before the scheduled departure time. In fact, plan to get there 15 mins early so that you have time to adjust the bike to fit, put on your helmet and pump up the tyres.

If for any reason you find yourself behind schedule please contact someone in the group to let them know. Thanks.

Happy and Safe Pedalling