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Tandem Talk February 2012

All the Smartest Cyclists Wear Lycra
The committee is looking at options for getting another WATCAC cycling jersey. The last ones were very popular, so stay tuned.

Rottnest Trip Is On!
Pack your boardshorts and bikinis, the Rottnest trip is on. We’ve booked accommodation and the response from members has been great so we should have a good crowd along. Yahoo!

Tired of Looking at the Roads?
The committee is looking into funding options to purchase two proper mountain bike tandems. There are several gravel trails in the Perth hills that would be suitable for a properly equipped tandem, the Kep Track for one. We’ll keep you posted.

Bunbury Tandem Clinic
On the 28th of January, Hab, Trev, Adriana and Beau traveled to Bunbury to conduct a tandem clinic aided by our good friends in Bunbury, Gerald and Tom. Whilst there were no new vision impaired riders Gerald invited a number of young people with autism along with their families and carers. There were some challenges, but the attendees had a good experience and we hope to have set some of them on the path to tandem fun.

How Many Tandem Cyclist Does it Take to Re-wire a Trailer Plug?
The answer is 6. At the aforementioned tandem clinic we realised (well Hab knew all along but didn’t think it was important) that we’d driven from Perth without brake lights and indicators on the trailer because the wires had been pulled from the electrical plug. After the clinic, Trev set about re-wiring the plug. Beau was recruited as off-sider, Hab was nominated to work the brake pedal and indicators, Tom provided the tools and when they were insufficient, was kind enough to drive off and get more, Gerald worked the iPhone to find wiring diagrams and Adriana directed all. With all of that talent involved, short work was made of the task and the team got onto more important issues like going out to lunch.

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