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Tandem Talk May 2012

Tour de Rottnest
Five tandems and 4 single bikes, 14 riders in all participated in WATCAC’s Tour de Rottnest. The first activity was to high tail it to the bakery – of course – for pies, rolls and all that good stuff.

That done, the next item was the Great Rottnest Treasure Hunt and Bike Rally. Splitting into teams, riders rode to different parts of the island to answer questions like “how many tennis courts at Bathurst” and “Identify the mystery objects in the bag – by feel”. Bonus points were awarded at random – Kerry and Debbie got bonus points for stacking it! On a serious note, Kerry cracked a rib, but soldiered on anyway. Get well soon Kerry! In the end, Hab and Adriana may have won, but everyone had a good time.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at Fay’s Bay before catching the bus to the pub for food, drink and good cheer.

Sunday saw most riders do a circuit of the island before heading back to Thompson’s Bay and the ferry home. The weekend was a great success largely due to the efforts of Adriana who organised just about everything. Thanks Adriana.

Five Dams
Fresh from the Three Peaks ride in Victoria, Beau and Leon completed Bicycling WA’s Five Dams ride in April, being the first tandem to do so. This 235km ride runs from South Perth to Mundaring Weir, Churchmans Brook Dam, Wungong Dam, Canning Dam, Serpentine Dam and then home to South Perth. About half of the course is on the Darling Escarpment riding through the Jarrah forests up and down the hills. The boys completed the ride in 10hrs and 16 minutes, but they’re over this long distance thing now and might take it easy for a while. The event was very well run so thankyou and congratulations to BWA.

Quokka Classic Ride
This was a charity bike ride around Rottnest in May. The committee found out about this one too late but it sounds like it will be a great ride so hopefully it will be run again next year.

Club and Recreation Rides
The Tour de Rottnest took the place of the April Recreation ride, but the Club rides have continued with rides to Jandakot, to the Swan Valley and the Canning River. All have been well attended.

Leah got Delirious
Leah Glass who has been riding front seat with Alishia entered the Delirium 24hr cycling event in April and won the female category with 151 laps totaling 558.7km in the 24 hour period. The word awesome is a bit overworked these days, but warranted in this case!

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