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2020 Annual General Meeting

Happy New Year, thanks and congratulations!

The WATCAC Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Sunday 6th December at Riverton Pavilion, at the halfway point of the December Rec Ride through Shelley. Congratulations to the new committee, Chair Erin McGlew, Vice-Chair Robert Loughman, Secretary Beau Tang, members Kate Atkins, Jo Kennedy, Sue Murphy and Jennifer Musgrave.  Subsequent to the AGM Jennifer has nominated as Treasurer, pending formal endorsement at the committee meeting later this month.  Jennifer will also continue as Ride Co-ordinator, well done Jennifer!

Special congratulations to Trevor Maslen, long time WATCAC contributor and outgoing Treasurer, for his election as Life Member.  Many thanks also to outgoing committee members David Musgrave and Roland Parrotte.  David will continue to provide WATCAC’s web master and online portal support while Roland will continue his direct involvement in asset management.  In 2021 the committee will also have access to governance support from Juliann Lloyd-Smith.  Thanks to David, Roland and Juliann for these helpful contributions.

WATCAC would like to extend a big thankyou to all members, volunteers, old and new riding collaborators, for the fabulous support we have received throughout 2020.  For further news from the AGM, including great fundraising efforts, look out for the next issue of Tandem Talk.

A view of the riding group standing on the road at Lathlain, about to head out towards Shelley
Seven tandems and 2 singles joined our December recreational ride to Shelley


The Riverton sports pavilion room showing the AGM participants seated in front of the Erin, Jennifer and Trevor, while Trevor is completing his financial report
WATCAC Chair Erin McGlew congratulates outgoing Treasurer Trevor Maslen on his report of WATCAC finances for 2020, during the December Annual General Meeting at Riverton sports pavilion