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WATCAC supports Senses Australia Deafblind Camp 2021

Woodman Point Recreation Camp provided a great location for a fun and energetic morning of cycling with members and friends of WA’s deafblind community, as part of the annual Senses Deafblind Camp. Nestled in the historic grounds of the Swan River Colony’s 1886 quarantine station it was also a poignant reminder of the measures needed to exclude diseases with epidemic potential both then, and now.  With forty four participants, interest in the camp was strong despite the reduced registrations due to interstate travel constraints.

The WATCAC “try cycling” contingent consisted of six pilots, three marshals and a volley of tandems.  The group was kept busy throughout the morning providing riding opportunities for around twenty five camp participants, despite in competition with the high wire flying fox that was also doing a roaring trade. A number of volunteer support staff also joined in to share the experience and excitement of being on the back of a tandem.

Our local route ran along the beach front cycle path then opened up on the perimeter road to take participants through a range of riding experiences and back through the grounds.  Over morning tea it was great to meet up with WATCAC members Erica and Greg and chat with other volunteers who were supporting the camp in various capacities.  A big thanks to Beau who anchored the interaction with the Senses camp organisers, lined up pilots and led the morning.  Special thanks also to David 1, David 2 and Steve who worked with our great pilots to help keep everyone safe throughout the morning.

For more information on Senses Australia visit their website here: https://www.senses.org.au

Historic information on the Woodman Point Quarantine Station is courtesy of the State Heritage Office (https://www.inherit.stateheritage.wa.gov.au)

A group of a dozen or so people are standing outside in a loose cluster as Auslan interpreters and volunteer commguides run through the tandem cycling arrangements. A number of WATCAC volunteers are standing by to pair up and go riding!
Our first group of participants receive a general briefing before being matched with pilots and bikes for the first ride of the morning.


A single story lime wash cream stone building with three chimneys and wide verandahs is set amongst lawn. It originally included the quarantine station's medical officer residence and dates to around eighteen eighty six.
This former medical officer’s residence, erected circa 1886, was among the first buildings at the quarantine station which subsequently recorded outbreaks of scarlet fever, small pox, bubonic plague and influenza. The station finally closed in 1979 before adaptation to Woodman Point Recreation Camp.


Around fifty people are seated at trestle tables beneath a very high timber paneled roof supported by four sturdy jarrah arches set with enormous curving beams.
We joined the Senses camp crowd for morning tea in the old dining hall, with its fine polished jarrah floor and high vaulted timber ceiling.