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SteLa Tandem Ride Perth Beginning the Downunder Leg of Global Cycling Challenge

Stevie Massey and Laura Massey-Pugh, sighted UK tandem cyclists, have started the Australian leg of their ongoing global cycling challenge in Perth. Delayed by 48 hours after being hit by a motorcycle in Malaysia, they were briefly hosted by members of the WA Tandem Cycling Advisory Council (WATCAC), a local charity supporting blind and vision-impaired cycling. It was time to fit a new chain and tyres then it was on their way. They are looking forward to quieter stretches of open country for the next 33 days and 5600 km to Brisbane.

The current round the world record is held by Cat Dixon and Raz Marsden (Tandem WOW), who set their record of 263 days for the 18,000 mile trip in 2019-2020.  That trip included an encounter with WATCAC members who shared fresh fruit with them on the Nullabor Plain.

Leaving Perth, SteLa Tandem are 77 days into their world record attempt to be the fastest to circumnavigate the globe by tandem. Their route across Australia takes in Adelaide, Melbourne, Western New South Wales and finally Brisbane. Reflecting on some of the hardships of endurance cycling around the world Stevie says “We’ve learnt about Type 2 Fun.  That’s the fun you have talking about it in the cafe afterwards!”

Already over a third of the required global distance, they hope to be back home for Christmas. SteLa Tandem are fundraising for cycling and mental health charities as they go.  Follow www.stelatandem.com including links to their favourite causes.

In the video below, Stevie and Laura rode a regular WATCAC route south for their departure towards Albany and Esperance, providing a brief introduction of their adventures along the way.

SteLa Tandem Ride Perth (direct link)

Riding with WATCAC supports blind and vision-impaired cycling in WA.  Our members, together with the WA cycling fraternity, welcome SteLa Tandem to Australia and wish them safe travels!